Monday, August 8, 2011

Titus is 1!

I think I say this every time I blog, but I'm so stunned at how fast my baby... errr.. toddler is growing up. He just turned 1 on July 30th. So this is my blurb of what's happened in the past little bit. Titus started walking just after NY, so he was officially walking at 11 months! Big accomplishment, considering I was not helping him or encouraging him.. he also started to crawl at 11 months. I allowed him to stay connected to my hip, as I held him a lot all the time... even when we were at home. I'm taking Sis. King's advice (and so many others) of relishing this age because it doesn't last forever. It doesn't bother me when people think that I'm spoiling him because I'm loving him the way that I know how. Already now that he's walking.. he doesn't want to be in my arms any more too much, he'd rather be exploring and playing with the others at church. So I can truely say that I soaked up every moment that I could while Titus was my little baby.

Another big accomplishment: He's slept through the night for about 8 nights in a row!! This is so awsesome, as I'm working full time now and it was very tiring with him waking up to nurse 1 or 2 times in the middle of the night. Although I'm not used to sleeping straight through, I still wake up at around 3:30-4:00. It'll be nice once that stops. I actually didn't complain about him waking up though because it was a bonding time for us and now that I work full time, I just find that I miss him so much. He's at my sister, Lisa's, dayhome for the day. I couldn't be more assured that he's in a better place. I considered putting him at the Enmax daycare so that he'd be close to me but then I decided against it because they wouldn't teach my child with the same values as I would teach him, so I thought it would be great to have him with family. She's only 7 mins. away from our house, so it works out perfectly. It's so hard to leave him in the am, it really hurts my heart... but you gotta do what you gotta do. It'll be nice when I can stay at home with him again.

A couple weeks ago Titus was dedicated to God at Truth Church. That was a very impacting, emotional, & deep moment for my husband & I as we gave our son, that He gave to us, back to Him. I can't even express in words how important this moment was for me.... to dedicate my child to God.We leave Titus in His arms, as that's the only safe place for my little precious boy to be. It was so memorable. My Father & Mother in law came and so did Jason's sister & husband came, which made it just that much more special. He recieved his first little tiny Bible from Nanna & Pappy de Leeuw and then his second Bible from Pastor King.

Titus is saying so many words... it's super cute.. Mommy, Daddy, Dad-o, poopy, puppy, Siah, Tia, he made a very good attempt at saying Jesus, he says pease (please), nu-nums, buh-bye, hello, tata.. etc. I can't remember everything but he seems to be a very fast learner. I'm trying to teach him a little bit of signing and he is able to sign "milkies" & "more". I like to read to him and he loves to have a short story.

His hair grows soo fast, and he's already had 7 haircuts... the last one from Beaners. His hair is changing to a very light blonde.

 June, we went to go visit Jason for lunch at work.
 June - We were chillen at home, getting ready to go for a walk
June - New Jersey, notice the very curly hair & more of a dirty blonde. His feet size 4
 New York cruise - we went for a cruise around the harbour for our anniversary.
 July 6th - Titus went for his 1st professional haircut, although it's his 7th haircut. They cut soo much off & he was very blonde underneath his long curly dirty blonde hair. He hated this haircut and he screamed & cryed.. it only took the lady 5 mins to do.
July- My happy little boy on our way to church, playing with Morty the monster.
July 17th- This was the day of his dedication. He's wearing a sweater that Great, Great grandmother knitted for Jason when he was a baby. It's my favorite sweater!
 Titus at his dayhome, my sister Lisa's house. I often ask her to text me pics of him cuz I miss him so much while I'm at work.
 Aug - He no longer looks like a baby, he's a little boy now.. he's playing at the park.
 Oops - this is NY.. out of order.. his gorgeous curly hair.. unruly cuz he had just had a shower - yes he showers now..
This was just 3 days ago, on Friday... he wouldn't smile cuz he was tired. Josiah was trying to send me a nice picture.

That's all for now. I love my little boy. I can't believe the growing love that having a child can bring to you! Wow!!!

PS - I have a you tube account for friends & family if you'd like to view them.. my username is jdeleeuwx2.. you can just search that. There's NY & Titus videos.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

New Jersey & New York

Wow! We had a very difficult time with finding the fastest, cheapest, & easier way to get to Guttenberg, NJ from the airport. There was option between taxi -60.00, buss ?!? We couldn't find ne1 to help us with it, or rental car 100.00. We choose taxi service because our plane landed late and we had to be to the grocery store to pick up the keys by 10:30pm. After our grumbling & irritated taxi driver was paid, he didn't think the tip was good enough... We got to the BnB. Hilarious! After climbing 6 flights of stairs with a heavy baby, his heavy playpen, his stroller, and 2 large suitcases... Phew... We made it. What a beautiful apartment we re stayin in! Our own bathroom & a very large CLEAN room. It was worth the sweat up the stairs. We then went looking for food cuz the streets were still pretty busy even at 11:00pm. We noticed that New Jersey is disgustingly dirty!

Today was an awesome day! Church with the Rameriz, over to their house for lunch, then off to Time Square. That was incredible!!! So busy with lights & people & activity!! Reminded me of Las Vegas! There was this entertainer that really disgusted me, he had 2 rats (1 on his head & 1 on his shoulder). He started to allow the rat to lick his toung, then he proceded to lick the rat back. Possessed I think... Or at least very strange!

Titus was very good so far. He's been very tired!!!! So I hope he sleeps well cuz last night we were up until 2am!! He was just excited I think due to the flight?!?

God has already started doin aIng things.